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Router Jig Pro UPGRADES!

5D Tactical - 30th Oct 2020

Here at 5D Tactical, we have proudly offered the best 80% lower jigs on the market for nearly a decade now. Starting with our Original Jig, we had faster completion times than anything available, and we took everything we leaned through continued testing (as well as your feedback), and created the well known & loved Router Jig PRO.

Our PRO Jig has served the community well for several years now, and the design is as relevant as ever. It is the fastest, most durable, and most widely used jig on the market. And we’d be willing to wager that more 80% lowers have been completed on our jigs than on any other jig available. So with all this experience, we’ve once again made some updates to maintain our status as the indisputable heavyweight of the 80% world.

Polymer Router Plate

5D router jig pro w/ polymer router plate

The first change we made was the substitution of the heavy aluminum router-plate for a glass-filled nylon version.

Why the change? Durability. While a big chunk of aluminum might stop a small bullet, it’s also much more likely to deform than a more elastic material like polymer. In practical application, this means if your router happens to fall off a work table, or if you bang the plate up against something, it won’t deform in a way that will prevent it from laying flat. A wobbly router plate will result in a poor looking trigger-pocket, so it’s important to use an elastic material that bounces right back to place, instead of changing shapes.

New Side Walls

5D router jig pro w/ skeletonized walls

We’ve also reduced the overall mass of the jig with streamlined sidewalls, which give you increased visibility of the lower while it’s being milled. The saying goes “measure twice, cut once”, and it’s difficult to make sure everything is lined up correctly when the lower is surrounded by solid aluminum. While our jigs have near-universal compatibility, people are coming out with new styles and platforms of lowers all the time, so a visual verification may be needed for an atypical receiver. This is most common with polymer lowers, where the buffer tube support is occasionally thicker than a milspec style lower.

The new sidewalls also give you a good deal of weight reduction, allowing you easier handling of the jig when changing vice positions, and reducing risk of damage in a fall.

Upcoming Updates

Nothing planned at this time!

However, we are always testing, experimenting, and listening to customer feedback. We are in an extremely competitive industry, and to we want to remain industry leaders. We want to put out the best possible product, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to drop us a line! We’re always happy to get out of the office and mill a lower. Our jigs are always backed by our Lifetime Warranty. So, whatever changes we make, we want it to be something that will serve you for life.