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Replacement parts for the 5D Tactical AR-15 Router Jig.

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Replacement bearing for router adapter Router Adapter Bearing

Replacement High-Speed Sealed Bearing

Price: $4.99
Router adapter side support block Router Adapter Side Block

Replacement Universal Router Adapter Side Support for the AR-15 and AR-308 Router Jigs.

Price: $9.99
AR-15 Router Jig Quick Release Pins Quick Release Pins - AR-15 Router Jig

Replacement quick release detent pins for the AR-15 Router Jig.

Price: $14.99
Replacement AR-15/AR-308 Jig Guide Pins Guide Pin Set - AR-15/AR-308 Router Jig

Replacement 5D Tactical router jig guide pins for the AR-15 and AR-308 Router Jig.

Price: $24.99

AR-15 Jig Replacement Parts

Looking for a replacement part for your 80% lower receiver jig? If you accidentally damaged one of your plates for your jig, or any other part, 5D Tactical has you covered. We have a wide selection of router jig accessories for AR-15 firearms to ensure that you’re able to complete your 80% lower receivers and finish your AR-15 build.

Quality Jig Replacement Parts

Pick up our affordable AR-15 jig router parts at our online store. No matter what you need, we stock spare 80% lower receiver jig parts that you can always count on to complete your AR-15 lower receivers, including:

  • Universal Router Adapter Side Blocks
  • Buffer Support Adapters
  • Replacement Drilling Guides
  • Quick Release Detent Pins
  • Universal Router Adapter Plates or Jig Guide Plates

Get the Right Parts

You don’t have to spend more money buying a brand new AR-15 router jig. Simply find the component you need for your router jig assembly, and checkout on our secure online store. All our router jig accessories for AR-15 firearms are guaranteed to provide perfect guidance and tolerance while you mill your 80% lower receivers.

Check out our selection of AR-15 jig parts and prices. We only sell quality and tested 80% lower receiver jig parts, made in the USA. Simply give us a call, and we will guide you to the right direction.