80% Lower Jigs

80% Lower Jigs

80% Lower Jigs, Jig Parts, & Conversion Kits at 5D Tactical

So, you want to build your own rifle?

You’re in luck. There are many tools and jigs available for the aspiring gunsmith at home!

One of these is an 80% lower jig. These empower you to build your own firearm out of an 80% lower receiver. In fact, at 5D Tactical, you can find everything you need to take your first, bold steps into the world of home gunsmithing.

However, to start off on the right foot, you must ensure you understand the industry. What are 80 lower jigs, and why are they becoming an increasingly popular alternative to purchasing completed firearms?

80% Lower Jig: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an 80 Receiver Jig?

A 80 lower jig provides a template for simplifying the repetitive, mechanical processes that are required when building a rifle out of an 80% lower receiver. For example, it empowers you to drill holes in the precise location needed to assemble the lower receiver of an AR-15, AR-308, AR-10, AR9, or similar carbines and rifles.

How Do 80 Lower Receiver Jigs Work?

An 80% lower jig is a collection of tools, measurements, and guides that assist you in completing a DIY gunsmithing project. With one of these kits, and at least a drill press and router, you can convert an 80 lower receiver into a functioning lower receiver for a rifle or carbine.

How Do AR15 80 Jigs Work? Are They Different?

The only difference between AR-15 80 lower jig sets and any other 80 jig set is in the types of firearm the kits produce. In other words, if you’re looking for an AR-15 router jig for sale, then a jig kit for a pistol won’t be of any help, so remember to ensure that you’re investing in the right jig for your desired platform.

Do I Need an 80 Receiver Jig for My 80% Lower?

Yes! In fact, many consider the 80 receiver jig to be the most vital set of tools for completing an 80 lower. Because they provide you with a template and the bits you need for drilling and cutting, these tools are invaluable in the DIY home gun-building process.

Why Should I Use 80% Lower Jigs?

Firearms enthusiasts and beginner gunsmiths should use an 80% jig to maximize efficiency and minimize inconsistencies when assembling an 80 percent lower. This provides veterans and newcomers alike with the power to create their own carbines precisely and efficiently.

Do I Need a License to Buy an 80 Percent Lower Jig?

No, because an 80 lower isn’t a firearm, neither it — nor the 80 jig — require a license to purchase or own. The lower receiver is considered the frame of a firearm by the Gun Control Act of 1968 once it’s converted for use.

Additionally, because the jig is simply used to guide home gunsmiths in building a firearm, it is not considered one itself. Therefore, a license is not required to purchase, own, or use an 80 jig.

How Do I Choose the Right 80 Jig?

Fortunately, choosing the right 80 lower jig is the easiest part, as you simply have to determine the type of firearm you prefer. Our AR-15 80 lower receiver jig set combination is great if you want to build an AR-15 and need the 80 lower, while our Router Jig PRO package is perfect for several platforms.

Are AR-15 Jigs the Same as 80% Lower Receiver Jigs for AR-10s (AR-308s)?

They may look very similar, but the AR-10 was developed to utilize 7.62 NATO rounds, while AR-15s use 5.56 or .223 ammunition. Multi-platform jigs, such as the PRO package above, can be used for either weapon.

However, if you select a jig for one specific model, then you won’t be able to use it on the other platform.

Benefits of Using an 80 Receiver Jig from 5D Tactical

The many frequently asked questions about 80 lowers demonstrate that there exists an enduring interest in home gunsmithing. Fortunately, for firearms enthusiasts who wish to get involved with the production process, there are several great benefits to opting for an 80 lower over a completed firearm.

At 5D Tactical, we feature innovative 80% lower jigs for builders of AR-15 and AR-308 80 percent lower receivers. Our quality lower receiver jigs are constructed of solid steel and high-grade aluminum alloy to ensure reliable reuse when you want to complete several 80% lowers.

5D Tactical 80% Lower Receiver Jigs

  • They’re durable, reusable, and cost-effective.
  • Complete your 80% lower in less than an hour.
  • Maximize consistency between projects.
  • Includes everything you need for machining your 80 lower.
  • Clear, concise instructions mean our jigs don’t require prior experience, making them perfect for new home gunsmiths.

Using an 80 Lower Receiver Jig Requires Minimal Experience

Do you want the capability to quickly and easily finish 80 percent lower receivers for your favorite carbine platform? We offer several YouTube videos and written instructions for our 80% lower jigs, making each task simple and easy to follow.

The individual components are clearly labeled to maximize organization and efficiency. You can then follow our simple coordination process, with the included instructions, to ensure an easy and efficient rifle or carbine build.

High-Performance Tools to Convert High-Performance 80 Lowers

5D Tactical AR-15 and AR-10/AR-308 router jigs are the only 80% lower jigs that have been specifically optimized for use with a handheld router. Our engineering experts have identified weak points with other router jigs and now offer you a selection of custom-designed billet AR-15 80% lower jigs.

Better still, our 80% lower receiver jigs come with safeguards to ensure that you don’t mill out more than needed or drill too deep. We also offer forged and billet AR-15 80% lowers.

Finish Your 80% Lower Receiver with Our 80% Lower Jigs

At 5D Tactical, we strive to bring you innovative tools that are designed to build custom firearms. Whether you want 80% lower jigs or other parts to complete your next build, we’re your trusted experts for AR-15 and AR-308/AR-10 lower and upper receivers.

We are a small business with high-quality products for amateur gunsmiths, home gunsmiths, and firearms enthusiasts. We offer 80% lower jigs, jig parts, and conversion kits to make your 80% AR-15 project easier.

At 5D Tactical, we have a passion for amateur gunsmithing and we love sharing the hobby with others. If you want help finding the perfect 80% lower jigs for your DIY gun building projects, reach out to our team today.

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