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5D Tactical supplies precision-manufactured upper receivers, 80% lowers, jigs, and jig tools for finishing 80% lowers. You provide the router and skill, and we supply the rest of the equipment for the job. If you need information about our products and how they work, our experts in firearms, mechanical design, and manufacturing are here to take your questions.

What is an 80% lower receiver?

An 80% lower receiver may also be referred to as a “receiver blank”, “ghost gun”, or “80% lower”. This refers to an unfinished receiver that has not been finish machined in a standard manufacturing process that would render it compliant with the definition of a firearm frame or receiver according to the Gun Control Act of 1968.

An 80% lower receiver generally has the finished dimensions of a completed lower receiver, but requires the fire control group pocket, safety selector hole, hammer and trigger pins to be completed. As they aren’t considered firearms, 80% lowers may be ordered and shipped directly to your home without an FFL transfer. Please note that until the 80% lower receiver is finished and/or modified from its original state, it is not considered a firearm. More information on 80% lower receivers may be found here.

**California laws regarding 80% lower receivers are changing. California residents see here.

What tools do I need to finish 80% lower receivers?

For best results, use a compact router that is optimized for your jig. We have a complete list of compatible routers available here. If you need a drill, a handheld drill or tabletop drill press can be utilized. Otherwise, only basic hand tools are needed. Everything required for finishing an 80% lower can be purchased at your local hardware store or online.

Do I need two separate jigs for AR-15 and AR-308 lower receivers?

No. We offer conversion kits for switching an AR-15 jig to an AR-308 jig, and vice versa. With our modular design, the need for purchasing two complete jigs is a thing of the past. Our Freedom Kit contains everything you need to finish an AR-15 and AR-308 80% lower, including the 80% lowers themselves.

Do you have jigs for models other than AR-15 and AR-308?

Yes. In addition to being completely universal for all AR-15 80% lowers, our AR-15 Router Jig is also compatible with Glock and Colt style AR-9 80% lower receivers. Our AR-308 Router Jig can be used to finish DPMS pattern LR308 and Armalite pattern AR-10 80% lowers. We now supply 80% pistol frames, jigs and parts for Glock style pistols.

Is using your products to finish 80% lower receivers a one-person operation?

Yes. you can use our products to mill 80% lower receivers on your own. Product ease of use and functionality is our specialty. We are also available to help if the need arises, so you’re never truly on your own.

What should I do if I need help setting up or using your equipment?

Call us at 508.834.4223 or send us an email at sales@5dtactical.com if you need assistance. You may also find the information you need in the Instructions section of our website.

How long does it normally take to set up and use your equipment?

Setting up our jigs and finishing a lower receiver can be done fairly quickly. If this is your first time finishing an 80% lower, take all the time you need. You’ll become more efficient with practice, and it is not a race!

Is it necessary to apply a serial number to my lower receiver?

In most states, no. Serialization is sometimes recommended for in the event your finished firearm is lost or stolen, but it is not required. However, because gun laws differ from place to place, it’s a good idea to review state and local laws. Is an 80% lower receiver by itself legally considered a firearm?

No. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) does not classify an 80% lower receiver as a firearm, because the receiver is not yet in a finished state. Therefore, 80% lowers can be shipped directly to your home, no FFL transfer is required.

Do you offer a discount for military and law enforcement personnel?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for active duty and veteran military personnel. This discount is also extended to law enforcement agents and officers as well as first responders. At 5D Tactical, we appreciate those that work to keep our nation safe. To take advantage of the discount, please email us with a copy of your ID card (redacted if necessary). Alternatively, you can email us from your company email address providing proof of service.

Contact Us Today for More Answers

Our products are designed to simplify, expedite, and economize the process of building your AR with high-quality products. Because you perform the work on your own, it’s natural to have questions about the 80% lowers, jigs, and the work process.

For answers to questions not listed here, please call us today at 508.834.4223, or email us at sales@5dtactical.com. We look forward to supporting next AR build!

Please review the collection of FAQs. If your question is not addressed here, please feel free to contact us.

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