GST-9: 80% Glock® Compatible Lowers & Parts from 5D Tactical

At 5D Tactical, we have everything you need to build a Glock®-style pistol from the comfort of your home workshop.

Building a Glock® Platform Pistol? Discover the GST-9

The GST-9 was developed by a leading manufacturer of 80% lower receivers over a two-year process to find what people wanted the most from an 80% lower pistol. Every detail was painstakingly run across focus groups, and opinions were given by both professional shooters and everyday range-goers.

The top priority was the ability to have a pistol that didn’t just fit the average person’s hand, or the average person’s needs, but to give the community something that could be adapted and customized to perfectly fit every end-user. Whether it’s for carry or competition, the range or the nightstand, don’t settle for someone else’s pistol.

Make it your own. Introducing the GST-9: Build the pistol you need for your mission.

80% Glock® Lowers for Every Mission

At 5D Tactical, we offer the perfect fit for any mission. Those who frequent ranges and competitions may appreciate the professional aesthetic of our Black GST-9 Mod-1 Pistol Frames.

Meanwhile, those who appreciate the desert aesthetic may prefer our Flat, Dark-Earth GST9 Mod1 Pistol Frames. It’s the perfect choice for competitors who live in America’s mid- and southwestern areas.

Glock® 19-Sized Slides for the GST-9

The Wraith RMR Cut Slide is made from durable steel and has a Cerakote finish. This slide makes it easy to add an optic to your GST-9, and it is perfect for competition or tactical use.

GST-9 Mod 1 Build Kit, Jig with Toolkit, and More

The GST-9 Mod-1 Build Kit from 5D Tactical is the perfect way to get into DIY home gun building. The kit comes with everything you need to complete your build, including:

  • Pistol Frame for a GST-9 MOD1
  • Compact Grip Module
  • Completed Wraith RMR Cut Slide
  • Black-Nitrided Fluted Barrel sized for G19

The kit also includes a lower receiver parts kit. This means you don’t have to worry about finding all of the small parts necessary to complete your build.

80% Glock® Lower Receiver Compatible Jig

The GST-9 Mod-1 Jig with Tool Kit & Slide Rails is a great tool for home gunsmiths and competitive shooters. It allows you to easily build your own Glock®-style pistol.

The jig is designed from glass-filled polymer, making it 3-times as strong as other jigs that are available on the market. It also includes a set of slide rails and a tool kit, so you have everything you need to get the job done.

Build Your Own Glock®-Style Pistol with 5D Tactical

The DIY, home gunsmithing hobby is becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s for a competition or self-defense, there’s something satisfying and rewarding about building one’s own from a home workshop.

At 5D Tactical, we believe that the right to bear arms extends to an individual’s right to forge those arms themselves. For that reason, we’re proud to supply home gunsmiths with a diverse catalog of superior 80 lowers, for Glock®-style pistols as well as AR-15s and AR-308s.

If you’re considering the world of do-it-yourself gunsmithing, then you’re exactly where you need to be. To find the perfect GST-9 components for you, reach out to our team today.

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