Jig Conversion Kits

Jig Conversion Kits

AR-15 & AR-308 Router Jig Conversion Kits

Our 80% lower Router Jig conversion kits are offered for customers who already own either our AR-15 Router Jig or AR-308 Router Jigs. Both AR jig routers can be converted to the other, while reusing components which are common to both jigs. Another great, cost saving innovation brought to you by 5D Tactical!

5D Tactical offers a selection of jig conversion kits to convert your AR-15 Router Jig to an AR-308 Router jig or vice versa. Our AR-15 and AR-308 5D Router Jig Pro Conversion Kits are the ultimate time and money-savers when you don’t want to buy separate jigs. Retain all the components that are common among both platforms with our popular 80% lower receiver kit, and only get the critical parts you need for conversion.

Our 80% lower Router Jig conversion kits are designed for customers that have previously purchased the 5D Tactical AR-15 Router Jig or the AR-308 Router Jig and include everything needed to upgrade to either version. This modular approach allows the ultimate flexibility for customers to add the functionality to finish both AR-15 and AR-308 80% lowers without the need to purchasing two complete jigs. The conversion kit you need can be purchased now for a complete multiplatform jig solution or purchased at a later date.

Quality AR-15 & AR-308 Jig Conversion Kits

Whether you want to convert your AR-15 router jig to an AR-308 Router Jig or want to finish your AR-15 lower quickly, we have the highest quality AR-15 and AR-308 router jig conversion kits on the market. Upgrade to either AR version with ease with kits that include:

  • AR-15/AR-308 Router Jig Guide Plate
  • AR-15/AR-308 left side plates
  • AR-15/AR-308 right side plates
  • AR-15/AR-308 front take down adapter
  • Pair of quick release pins
  • Complete conversion hardware kit

If you want a complete 80% lower receiver kit to quickly and easily finish AR-15 and AR-308 80% lowers, simply purchase one of our 5D Router Jig Pro models and add the Jig Conversion Kit you need!

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Do you want to purchase a complete AR jig router for your AR-15 or AR-308? We also have a selection of 80% lower jigs designed to help you finish your 80 percent lower receivers.

Shop router jig AR-15 and 308 conversion kits now! If you have questions, contact us over the phone at 508-834-4223 or send us an email at sales@5dtactical.com.

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