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Replacement parts for the 5D Tactical AR-308 Router Jig.
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Replacement bearing for router adapter Router adapter side support block AR-308 Router Jig Quick Release Pins
Replacement High-Speed Sealed Bearing

Replacement Universal Router Adapter Side Support for the AR-15 and AR-308 Router Jigs.
Replacement quick release detent pins for the AR-308 Router Jig.
Replacement AR-15/AR-308 Jig Guide Pins
Replacement 5D Tactical router jig guide pins for the AR-15 and AR-308 Router Jig.

AR-308 Lower Jig Replacement Parts

5D Tactical offers high-quality replacement parts for your AR-308 router jig. If you need AR-308 Jig Replacement Parts for cases of damage, loss, or excessive use, shop from our wide range of replacement parts at our online store. From the high-speed sealed bearing for your universal router adapter to the AR-308 router jig drill guide that comes with solid steel construction, we provide you with the correct replacement parts for your specific needs.

Superior Replacement Parts

When it comes to custom building AR-308s, the right tools are essential in doing the job accurately. While our 5D Tactical jigs and other tools are designed to be durable, having AR-308 jig replacement parts is always recommended. Shop our online store for superior AR lower jig accessories that guarantee you extended reliability and dependability.

We stock:

  • Universal router adapter side-support block
  • Buffer support adapter
  • Front take down adapter
  • Replacement guide plates and pin sets
  • Left side plates
  • Right side plates
  • Router adapter plates
  • Quick release detent pins and others

Whatever replacement AR lower jig accessories you need for the 5D Tactical router jig, you can be sure that we have them.

Make Your Order Today!

Apart from AR-308 lower jig replacement parts, we also have complete jig conversion kits that make your upgrades easy and fast. At 5D Tactical, we have a dedicated team of experts in firearms, design, mechanical engineering, manufacturing and customer service who work hard to bring you the very best products, at the most competitive prices.

If you need help making orders or selecting the right AR-308 jig replacement parts, don’t hesitate to take to our sales team. We’re always happy to help you!