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GST-9: MOD1, Jig w/ Tool Kit & Slide Rails

GST-9: MOD1, Jig w/ Tool Kit & Slide Rails

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    We are excited to report that we are the exclusive dealers
    for the 80 Percent Arms GST-9 MOD1!

80% Arms decided to not only engineer a better jig and 80% pistol, but to over-engineer the hell out of it. Their drill guides protrude .250” from the surface to provide significantly more support for a drill bit compared to any other pistol jig on the market. They also manufacture this jig with a glass-filled polymer compound which is 3x stronger than other polymer jigs on the market, meaning
you'll never experience a drill bit walk, or a flexing jig. Unlike the simple clasp mechanism found in most polymer jigs, they include six bolts to keep everything exactly in the right place.

Price: $29.99

Stock Status:In Stock
Availability: 1 - 5 BUSINESS DAYS

Choose Rails Coating

Nickel Boron
Black Nitride

80% Arms hasn't just made the most advanced 80% pistol frame & jig combo on the market, they've made sure completing it is foolproof. The GST-9 jig is so simple, you can complete your frame in minutes, with the best results in an 80% pistol yet.
Every jig comes with a set of frame rails, all the tools you will need to complete a frame at home, and a detailed instruction manual to walk you through the simple process. You have the options to choose the type of coating for your rails

  • Nickel Boron
  • Black Nitride


Due to recently changed ATF regulations, we cannot legally include the jig or frame rails with the GST-9 frame. The jig and GST-9 frame must be purchased on our website as two separate items. Each jig includes one set of GST-9 frame rails. You will need one jig for every 80% lower you plan to build. Frame rails are ONLY included with the jig, not with the 80% lower itself.

Because the GST-9 is not a firearm, in most cases, it is currently legal to purchase and own an unfinished frame in California. California law prohibits building an off-roster handgun as well as a homebuilt firearm that does not contain an integral 3.7 oz piece of stainless steel. If you are purchasing a GST-9 that ships to California, you certify that you have a law-enforcement exemption, or intend to build and maintain the product outside of the state.

Shipping Restrictions: This item is restricted from shipping to New Jersey, Hawaii, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Washington D.C and San Diego City.