About 5D Tactical

5D Tactical started out with a simple plan: Provide firearms enthusiasts the capability to quickly and easily finish 80% lower receivers for the most popular AR models - the AR-15 and AR-308/AR-10 — and provide parts needed to complete your next build such as upper receivers, and other rifle parts. Today, we’re still building on the plan, in new and innovative ways, with the same passion for custom ARs we have had since day one.

Machining Made Easy

In an age of complex CNC machinery, where computer-guided routers can finish hundreds of 80% lowers in an hour, milling your own lower is surprisingly easy.

Private gun owners don’t require the efficiency of CNC. They need a foolproof way to finish 80% lowers flawlessly. This is what we offer, using our expertise in firearms, mechanical design, and manufacturing to supply the jig, 80% lowers, tools, and post-sale support you need to perform outstanding work and move to the next phase of your gun build with confidence.

We supply equipment and parts you must have to outfit an AR, keeping your cost low and simplifying the work process. With our technology, you mill AR 80% lowers in a precise, timely manner, moving closer to the goal with every chip of aluminum: a complete AR.

Technology and Tradition

America has a proud tradition of gun ownership that 5D Tactical proudly supports. But we believe the right to bear arms should encompass the right to build the arms that one bears, with the good faith and understanding that they will be used responsibly.

Skillful gunsmiths have always made their own firearms, but our technology enables all gun owners to mill lower receivers without special machining skills and costly machines. All you need is a compact router, one of our AR-15 or AR-308 universal jigs, 80% lowers, and a tool kit. We emphasize technological innovation, and it shows in the elegant simplicity of our products.

Our Dedicated Experts

Our 5D Tactical team is comprised of experts in the fields of firearms, mechanical design, manufacturing, and customer service. Our high level of dedication and expertise allows us to approach new product development in original, creative ways, while being mindful of user experience and post-sale support.

We personify our company name and slogan by having a forward-looking vision in firearms product design and development. This approach allows us to see beyond what competitors are doing, to innovate in ways that provide the best products, at a highly competitive price.

To learn more about our company and the advantages of making us your trusted source for AR-15 and AR-308/AR-10 upper and lower receivers reach us by email at sales@5dtactical.com. We welcome your comments and questions!