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On November 3, 2022 - the federal court extended the preliminary injunction which now protects 5D Tactical and its customers against the ATF's unconstitutional 2021R-05F rule against 80% lower receivers and pistol frames.

Until this case reaches the 5th Circuit of Appeals, customers will be legally allowed to purchase from 5D Tactical but since we do not know when that will happen, this period of time for us to resume business is unknown.

We strongly urge customers to buy now while they can before we experience another legal setback or challenge that would render us unable from shipping out products again.

Order Information 

What is my order status? When will it ship?

We haven’t forgotten about you! Your order is pending shipment in our queue and you will be notified as soon as it goes out. All orders ship on a first-in-first-out basis. We are working around the clock to get all orders out as quickly as possible. As you can guess, we were inundated with new orders right as the rule went into effect and have received even more since getting the preliminary injunction. But we're almost completely caught up! 


Why did you only ship half of my order? 

To get your items out to you while the courts work on this unlawful rule, we split your order to ensure you would receive it ASAP, should something new happen that would prevent your entire order from shipping. The rest of your order is in our queue and we can confidently reassure you that you will receive it as soon as possible.


Are you Shipping Jigs and Lowers?

Yes, we are shipping both jigs and lowers at this time. Router Jig Pros and AR15 Lowers are in stock and shipping now!


Can I get a refund?

You may message us at any time to request a refund and we will be sure to provide you with one ASAP. Although, we do not recommend canceling as we have been heavily shipping out orders in the queue since the court allowed us to resume business again.. Placing a new order for a jig may result in a longer lead time due to the high demand, especially with the holiday season. 


Product Information


Are you still manufacturing/shipping 80% lowers and jigs?

Yes, we are still shipping and manufacturing ALL 80 Lowers and jigs on our website. For more information, you can read the ATF’s latest clarification letter on the definition of a firearm here


Is it still legal to possess/buy an 80% lower? 

80 Lowers are still legal in most states! We suggest checking your local state laws to make sure you are in compliance.


Do I need to go through an FFL to purchase an 80% Lower?

Nope! You can still purchase 80% lowers and get them shipped directly to your address. You can view the ATF’s most recent published additional guidance on the topic by clicking here


Is a serial number required on uppers or other firearm components? 

Due to the ATF’s rule being absurdly unclear, it caused a lot of confusion on what items require a serial number. Firearm parts and accessories do not require a serial number at this time! We’re shipping uppers and all firearm components without serial numbers. 


Are replacement parts still available?

Yes, we are selling almost all replacement parts for our jigs online and they’re still shipping!  

Shipment Information 


Are you shipping lowers with serial numbers? 

No, all of our lowers are shipped and manufactured without serial numbers. 


Can 80% lowers ship to my address without an FFL?

We can still ship 80 lowers to your address as long as your state allows you to purchase and own an 80% lower. 


Are you still shipping products to my state?

We are currently shipping everything but jigs to all states except for New Jersey, New York, Hawaii, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Washington D.C., Maryland, Illinois, California, Washington, Boulder County and the city of Denver in Colorado.


Will my packages be seized in transit? 

No, we only ship our orders using FedEx and the United States Postal Service. Both of these companies do not have a history of seizing packages containing firearm parts or components. To be clear, we do NOT use UPS. UPS (United Parcel Service) decided to cancel gun part manufacturers’ and seller's contracts which caused a lot of chaos and misunderstandings in the firearm community. 

Disclaimer: The above information is not intended to be legal advice. Please be sure to read, understand and follow the laws in your State and read the ATF’s rules.