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Glock Magazine Compatibility

5D Tactical - 19th Apr 2023

Do all Glocks use the same magazine? With so many different Glock models on the market these days it can be a daunting task trying to sort out which magazines to buy for which handgun. Unfortunately, no, not all Glock magazines are interchangeable with  80 percent lower kits. But there is fantastic magazine compatibility across multiple models. Today we'll be showing just which magazines will work with which guns and save the hassle of buying the wrong mags!

Gen 1 MagazinesGen 1 Mag Dimples

Photo Credit: Armslist

We begin our Glock magazine generation comparison at the beginning. Generation 1 Magazines for Glock pistols will be notched on the right side for the magazine release. Likely difficult to find due to their age at this point, but you can tell Gen 1's apart from dimples that can be found on the side of the mag. We're not sure if they served any purpose.

Gen 1 mags will have a steel spring and a plastic follower just like all the newer gen mags. However, the Gen 1's were not lined by metal on the inside which is why many had issues with seating when inserts a fully loaded mag into the gun. If seeking Gen 1 Glock OEM magazines, note that they should be purchased for the specific model Glock you own to ensure magazine compatibility.

You'll find the notch on the right side of the mag for the magazine release.

Gen 2 MagazinesGlock Gen 2 Mags

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If you own a Glock that is a Generation 2 you will notice the same notch on the right side for the magazine release. Their feed lips were given a more pronounced curve for improved feeding reliability. Again, purchase the magazine for the Glock model you own and you should be just fine.

The Glock Gen 2 magazines were the first to have the full metal lining on the inside of the mag. You can also identify Gen 2 mags by looking for the engraved '2' marking on the bottom right hand corner of the magazine when looking at its back.

Gen 3 Magazines

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Glock Generation 3 magazines are notched for the right-handed magazine release as well and can have another notch in the front for ambidextrous models. Gen 1,2, and 3 magazines will be compatible in all magazines up to Generation 3 for individual models as long as the magazine release is set up in standard right-hand configuration.

In terms of what's new, this is where we began to see some new magazine extensions come straight from the factory to accommodate certain Glock models (namely the sub-compacts). Even today, you might see some Glock 26's on sale with OEM mags that have a pinky extension already installed. 

Otherwise, these looked very similar to the Gen 2's.

Improvements wise, Gen 3 mags still have the full metal lining but it was the first generation to have ambi-cut mags. Oddly enough, Gen 3 Glocks that had ambi mag releases were very rare. Personally, I've only seen a Glock 21 that had it. 

Gen 4 Magazines

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Good news Glock fanatics! Generation 4 Glock magazines will work with all previous Generations! These mags are notched on both sides and have an additional notch in the front of the magazine for the ambidextrous magazine release. In general, they look very similar to the Gen 3's

Gen 5 Magazines

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Glock's Armorer Handbook states that 5th Generation Glock magazines will not interchange with any previous Glock magazines. Gen 5 are notched on both sides for the reversible mag release and include a raised feed lip, orange follower and a base plate that is slightly extended to fit flush with the cutout of the Gen5 mag well.

Glock Magazine Compatibility for High Capacity

More is more right? Whoever said less is more was clearly not a gun guy. Having higher capacity magazines for our Glock concealed carry pistol or even for our duty guns can be the difference between life and death. Side note - loading mags constantly isn’t fun and takes away from our range time! Luckily, you have plenty of options, including many extended capacity magazines we currently have in stock here at 5D Tactical.

The chart below is by no means a complete list of what all magazines can fit with these Glock models as there are plenty of aftermarket products such as drum mags which are not listed. However, if you can understand and familiarize yourself with this compatibility chart you'll be good to go.

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It's worth mentioning that most Glock magazines, whether OEM or made by aftermarket manufacturers, are backwards compatible, meaning that newer gen mags can be used in older gen Glocks or Glock style pistols - it just means some features may not be fully utilized.

Thanks for checking out this brief overview of Glock magazine compatibility with your friends at 5D Tactical. We hope it was helpful! Did you know we carry a large selection of Glock Magazines? Check them out and let us know if you have any questions.

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