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5 Great Accessories For Your Rifle

5D Tactical - 26th Jan 2018

Finding Quality AR-15 and AR-308 Parts & Accessories

If you’re an AR rifle enthusiast, you’re likely overwhelmed by the numerous advertisements and emails for all those accessories and gadgets that you need for your rifle. How do you know which ones are worth the investment? Whether you’ve just bought your first AR-15 or have a collection of custom-made .308 rifles, you’ll need to have the right accessories to make shooting your rifle even more exciting.

Here are our top five AR-308 and AR-15 rifle accessories:

Rifle Case

It’s no secret that owning an AR-15 or AR-308 rifle isn’t exactly cheap, so you’re going to want to protect your new rifle in the best way possible. Whether you have a long gun or a handgun, keeping it in a protective case ensures that your gun stays safe from being scratched or dropped and the optic remains zeroed.

Investing in a premium-quality rifle case is important for any rifle enthusiast. Look out of the right features when comparing different gun cases. A quality case should come with high-density foam, tough gaskets and heavy-duty exteriors to withstand any conditions. A quality case may be expensive, but it’s worth the investment and will last for years to come.

Quality Magazines

red magazine in skeletonized ar15

Every rifle owner needs extra magazines at their disposal. Whether you spend a lot of time at the gun range, want to stockpile AR-15 magazines or want to replace your old magazines, buying some good quality magazines should be part of your list of AR-308 and AR-15 rifle accessories. All rifles come with several factory OEM magazines that work reliably with that rifle, but you have the option to buy more if you choose.

Magazines are one of the most important AR-15 or AR-308 rifle accessories, and selecting the best ones is an important process. Find a brand or two that you like and get one of each. Check that the magazines accept your magazine loader and their ease of loading, taking apart and cleaning. The right magazines will perform well in full capacity and serve you for a few years.

Comfortable Rifle Sling

You don’t have to get something fancy. You simply need a comfortable sling to help you carry your rifle across your shoulder as you go on with your other tasks. A sling is meant to keep your gun close at hand, but out of the way. It should be quick to detach from the rifle, have a simple and quick adjustment, be comfortable, feature a two-point design, and be reasonably priced.

Most stores selling AR-308 and AR-15 rifle accessories have a wide assortment of slings to make carrying your rifle super easy. Remember that your rifle needs to have a set of swivels to attach your sling. Choose a lightweight padded sling for maximum comfort with sturdy construction. They are also available in plain colors and different camo patterns to blend in.


Many gun enthusiasts who buy the AR-15 or .308 plan to use it for hunting or shooting at the gun range. Having a scope will allow for better and more accurate shots. You’ll want to invest in a quality scope that’s both effective at short ranges and long ranges. A rifle, coupled with a scope is more effective, reliable and accurate.

You’ll also want to buy quality scope rings to ensure your optics stay solid. Scope rings are the single point of contact between your optic and rifle, so having the right size goes a long way into helping you keep your optic in place shot after shot. Include a set of rock-solid scope rings in your AR-15 rifle accessories list. They should be tough and quick to detach for easy installation.

Rifle Spare Parts, Lubricant and Cleaner

CMMG LPK ar-15

The AR-15 and AR-308 have a bunch of small parts and springs that can easily bend or get lost as you custom build or even clean your rifle. If you’re going to own a rifle and use it, then you’ll need a supply of spare parts, springs and detents for your rifle. You’ll also need quality rifle lube and cleaning supplies to ensure that your AR performs at optimal levels.

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