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Wild Muzzle Devices

5D Tactical - 21st Mar 2023

Sometimes we just have to remember that shooting is fun and not entirely serious all the time. It’s for this reason we’ve compiled a list of the wildest, wackiest, and downright craziest muzzle devices we could find! This is by no means a comprehensive list and is entirely meant to be fun, so leave your nominations for cool muzzle devices in the comments for us to add! Now, without further ado, let’s sort out what these devices do exactly!

Barret M95 .50 BMG

Many muzzle brakes for AR15s and AKs have been modeled after what seen on a Barrett M95.
Photo Credit: All4Shooters

What is a Muzzle Brake Good For?

A muzzle brake is meant to help dampen the recoil of the shot. The larger the caliber the more noticeable a properly designed muzzle brake can help reduce the recoil. Muzzle brakes can be designed a variety of different ways, but usually they push the gasses from the cartridge through the sides of the device mounted on the muzzle. Note: a muzzle brake usually will make the gun much louder.

Flash Suppressor Vs Muzzle Brake - What’s the Difference?

A question we see a lot is “Is there a difference between a flash suppressor vs muzzle brake?” The answer is yes! A flash suppressor (or flash hider) works by helping to conceal the burning gasses coming out the muzzle of the gun to dissipate - thus helping to hide the fireball that comes out the end of that .44 Magnum hand cannon Dirty Harry! Whereas a muzzle brake is designed to reduce muzzle flip to the absolute maximum. The trade off is that if you are not shooting outside on a sunny day, in basically any other condition you'll see fireballs every time you fire a shot.

Wild, Weird and Wonderfully Unique Muzzle Brakes

Alright, now that we’ve gotten through the semantics and definitions, let’s get to the good stuff and check out some of the coolest muzzle devices we’ve seen on the internet!

Salient Arms Jailbreak

Salient Arms International are known for their aftermarket custom work on a wide variety of guns but they also do some cool in-house rifle builds! The Salient Jailbreak muzzle device is available only on the Salient GRY AR15 but it sure is unique!

The Salient Jailbreak threads onto the Salient GRY rifle’s rail system and actually can have another muzzle device added after it if the end user desires it. The Salient Jailbreak features multiple chambers that trap the gasses inside of it and slowly dissipate it out, slowing the gasses, reducing recoil, flash and concussion. Plus, it just looks cool.

Salient GRY

Salient GRY Rifle with the Salient Jailbreak Muzzle Device. 
Photo Credit: Recoil Web

JMAC Customs LAF

The JMac Customs guys are known for their work on AK-platform rifles and I can speak from experience - their stuff is awesome. The JMac LAF is their newest muzzle device and if the shooter is looking for a flash suppressor they can move on right now. The JMac LAF name stands for “Loud and Flashy”. On the end of the right AK we’re sure the fireball the JMac LAF muzzle device throws out of the end of the barrel can be seen (and heard) from space. Check out the JMac LAF here.


The JMAC LAF. Photo Credit:  The Firearm Blog

Walker Defense Nero 556 Inconel

The Walker Defense Nero 556 Inconel is out of this world. No, really. Inconel is a superalloy that is literally used in spaceships. Not only does it give impeccable bragging rights on the ‘Gram, the Nero 556 Inconel looks incredibly cool and is very functional as a muzzle brake and a compensator that drives the muzzle down to fight recoil. The Nero 556 Inconel is “3d Printed Metal” to add to the cool factor.

Nero 556 Inconel

The Walker Defense Nero 556 Inconel.

Photo Credit:  The Firearm Blog

Cobalt Kinetics Pro Muzzle Brake

Cobalt Kinetics are known for high-end AR-platform rifles and while this one might be limited edition in this color, it’s still available in black. The Cobalt Kinetics Pro Muzzle Brake Limited Edition is a long boy that measures 3.4” long and comes in a beautiful Cobalt blue. I’m not sure if I want to mount the Cobalt Kinetics Pro Muzzle Brake on my rifle or stick it on a chain and give it to my mom for Mother’s Day as a necklace. While the limited editions are long gone, the Cobalt Kinetics Pro Muzzle Brake is still available in black.

Cobalt Kinetics Pro Muzzle Brake

Cobalt Kinetics Pro Muzzle Brake Limited Edition.

Photo Credit: Cobalt Kinetics

Wasatch Compensator

Wrapping up our list we move to pistols. Everyone knows we love a good Glock compensator and the Wasatch Compensator certainly looks interesting! The Wasatch Compensator attaches to the frame of the handgun and features an extra picatinny rail underneath for attachments. This can be exceptionally useful in certain states where threaded barrels are illegal. A Wasatch compensator is currently available for many models of handguns and might be next on our list for testing with the GST-9.

Wasatch Comp

Wasatch Compensator on a Canik TP9 Elite Combat Executive. Photo Credit:  Wasatch Arms

Ready for a new muzzle device yet?

In reality, there are a ton of different companies that sell less common muzzle devices. Some may come from boutique companies For example, PSA carries fun AK muzzle devices. But that wraps up our list of cool muzzle device products we’ve seen recently. Don’t forget to share some other ones we may have missed in the comments! While you are here don’t forget to check out our great selection of accessories and maybe our GST-9 pistol build kits to use with one of those cool muzzle devices!