80 Lower Jig

Why Our 80 Lower Jig?

Multiplatform AR Jigs: Universal 80% Lower Jig Kits

5D Tactical brings you superior universal 80% lower jig kits to complete your AR-10, AR-15, .308, and AR-9 lowers. Our Router Jig PRO Multiplatform is considered the most durable and innovative router jig ever created, and The Freedom Kit is even more expansive, containing the Router Jig PRO as well as our forged or billet lower receivers. If you’re looking for multiplatform AR jigs that’ll work perfectly with almost any build, look no further.

Superior Features

Our universal 80% lower jig kits are the fastest and easiest to use 80% lower receiver jigs on the market, enabling you to finish your AR-15 or .308 assembly in under 15 minutes with superior results. With ultra-hardened, heat-treated steel wear surfaces, each jig is incredibly durable and guarantees years of reliable finishing. To ensure superior performance when completing your 80 lower, our multiplatform AR jigs come with unique features, including:

  • Revolutionary router guide system
  • Aligned and centered finished features
  • Innovative, no-touch design to ensure universal fitment
  • Truly universal 80% lower jigs with full AR-15/AR-9/AR-10/.308 lower receiver compatibility
  • Strong and rigid patent-pending ReadyMILL for the best finished results (sold separately)
  • Less drilling required
  • Simple 1-2-3 milling process
  • Full-visibility milling
  • Integrated vacuum attachment to aid in chip removal when milling
  • Super fast jig assembly
  • High visibility laser-marked integrated depth gauge

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