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AR Parts & Accessories

Below you will find popular and essential AR-15 accessories such as Magpul MBUS Gen 2 sights. We offer additional tactical AR accessories such as AR-15 Lower Parts Kits, which are available under the 80% Lowers category. In addition, you'll find 5D Tactical branded gun enthusiast clothing such as T-shirts and Lightweight Hoodies.

Take Control of Your Build with Quality AR 15 Parts
Competitive shooters, hobbyists and everyone in between can take advantage of our high-quality parts to personalize their weapon platform or extract highly tailored performance from it. Add a Magpul MOE AR pistol grip and a Mil-Spec carbine stock to improve handling and control. Get a speed loader and a few spare magazines so you can spend more time at the range shooting instead of loading. Drop a muzzle brake on your build and keep a lid on recoil and muzzle jump - just make sure you and your range neighbors are wearing hearing protection!

You’ll find all of these parts and more here (including hot 5D Tactical branded merch). Customize your build with these, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at or at 508-834-4223.

Pick up an AR 15 Parts Kit!
Looking to streamline the process of creating your home build as much as possible? It’s enough work milling the 80% lower receiver blank and assembling the finished build with all of the other AR-15 parts; complete upper receiver assemblies with buffer tube kits, bolt carrier groups, barrels, handguards, and more.

If you’re looking to streamline the process, especially for your first build, consider buying an AR 15 parts kit to simplify the experience before you start to tinker on a more granular level. Check out our collection of build kits. Some of our complete kits even contain an 80% lower. You have almost everything you need to complete a build - just pick up one of our 80% lower jigs (like our multiplatform Router Jig PRO) and with a few other tools, you can finish your project at home.

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