Stripped Uppers

Why Our Stripped Uppers?

AR-15 Upper Receiver Kits & AR-308 Upper Receivers

Start your next build on the right foot with a quality AR-15 or .308 Upper Receiver from 5D Tactical. In this category you will find stripped Forged M4 style AR-15 upper receivers and Billet DPMS AR-10 upper receivers. Stripped upper receivers are not assembled, no forward assist or dust door. Available for AR-15 and .308 / AR-10 configurations. You will also find matched AR stripped uppers and 80% lower receiver sets available. The fit and finish between the upper and lower receiver is crucial to ensuring a quality and accurate rifle build. 

Our forged AR-15 uppers are machined to extremely tight tolerances, finished off with a quality Type III anodized finish. Our DPMS AR-10 billet upper receivers are again machined to very tight tolerances with quality finish options. As the DPMS pattern LR308 is not as standardized as the AR-15 platform, a matched AR-10 Upper and 80% Lower set will prevent headaches in finding matched components when it's time to start your rifle build.

For a great custom AR upper receiver build, invest in a premium-quality AR-308 or AR 15 Upper Receiver kits from 5D Tactical. We know that the right fit and finish between the lower and upper receiver is critical in ensuring a complete and accurate custom rifle build. From Billet DPMS AR-308 upper receivers to forged M4 style AR-15 upper receivers, we carry a selection of stripped and non-barreled upper receivers, manufactured using the highest quality materials and processes.

Matched Receiver Sets

If you’re wondering where to find precision CNC machined AR-15 and AR-308 upper receivers that match your lowers, we stock matched receiver sets that help you take the guess work out of your next build. We have the Billet AR-308 upper and 80% lower matched set as well as forged AR-15 upper receivers and 80% lower matched sets. The matched sets are designed to match and fit perfectly.

We also have AR-15 Upper Receiver Parts Kit for your AR 15 upper receiver assembly needs. Visit us online to find the right AR stripped uppers and matched components.


Greater Flexibility to Fine-Tune Performance 

Our stripped upper receivers come without the ejection port door and forward assists, consisting of only the single-piece, forged upper receiver (mil-spec). Because they don’t come paired with any extra parts, you can choose the barrel, handguard, bolt carrier group, charging handle, or other parts that come with assembled upper receivers, you have greater flexibility to customize the build or tailor performance to your exact specifications. 

Hand-pick a coated BCG to improve cycling or choose a classic Picatinny handguard instead of an M-LOK system; the choice is yours - stripped upper receivers are blank slates, even when matched to an 80% lower receiver blank. 


Need a Complete Upper Assembly Instead?

Want to take some of the legwork out of the project? Opt for a complete upper receiver assembly instead, that comes with a barrel, handguard, bolt carrier group, charging handle, buffer tube, stock and can be paired with a muzzle device as well. Save time when building out your project by matching your 80% lower to a complete upper receiver! 

Shop at 5D Tactical

Planning to build a custom rifle? Check out our selection of upper receivers for the AR-15 and AR-308 platforms. Our forged AR-15 upper receivers come with machine T-Markings, extremely tight tolerances and quality Type III anodized finishing. We also carry matched sets that make your work easier when it comes to building the AR-308.

Shop our AR-15 and AR-308 Upper Receivers and other rifle parts at 5D Tactical and get the best deals!

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