Product Code: 372001-BRZ-SP

GST-9 Competition Brass Grip

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Exclusively designed for the GST-9 V1 frame, the Brass Competition Magwell was made for “Open Class” shooters. Contoured for maximum control and ergonomics, the large palm swell serves to fill out the hand while also improving recoil control.

The enlarged, wide-flared magwell increases accuracy of reloads while decreasing overall manipulation time. Made out of brass material, the magwell comes in at a hefty 6.8oz, shifting the overall weight of a build towards the rear - which significantly reduces muzzle flip.

With faster reloads, comes faster shots. With faster shots, comes faster shots on target. Faster shots on target means higher scores. Whether you’re shooting competitively or at a casual range day, the Competition Magwell is built for performance and speed.

(Brass magwells are left untreated to allow for additional finishes to be applied by the user, i.e. spray paint. In raw form, it’s normal for the brass to develop a natural patina and wear.)


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