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GST-9 Jig: With Toolkit & Slide Rails

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In order to complete your GST-9 V1 frame, you’ll need its main counterpart, the GST-9 V1 Polymer Jig. 80% Arms didn't just aim to create a better polymer pistol jig; they went above and beyond in its engineering. Crafted from top-tier USA glass-filled polymer resins, the V1 GST-9 Jig offers strength and precision. The drill guides are meticulously designed to offer unparalleled support for drill bits, surpassing any other pistol jig available in the market. Moving away from basic clasp mechanisms, these jigs are equipped with five steel bolts ensuring precision, stability, and preventing any misalignment during use.

Feedback from users highlighted several challenges with many of the existing polymer pistol frame jigs on the market. Common issues pinpointed were flimsiness, insecure holding, and short, weak drill guides, which often resulted in damages during the crafting process. In contrast, the V1 jig stands out as a superior choice because of its robust construction, enhanced grip, and extended, reinforced drill guides. These improvements not only ensure a more secure building experience but also significantly reduce the risk of errors and damages, ensuring the best results while finishing your GST-9 frame.





  • Glass-Filled Polymer Construction
  • Five Steel Fastener Enclosure
  • Precision Drill Guides
  • Nickel Boron Slide Rails

Please note: The V1 jig will NOT work for MOD1 frames.



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