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Premium Router Jig Pro Multiplatform 80% Lower Jig- AR-15/AR-9/AR-45/.308/AR-10

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Important Update Regarding ATF Regulations and Pro Jig Sales
Due to recent changes in ATF regulations, 5D Tactical can no longer sell or support jigs directly.

Support and Warranty Service: For all Pro Jig customers, will now handle support. Modulus Arms will honor warranty services, provide technical support, and offer replacement tools and parts for all Pro Jig products.

Manufacturing and Sales: While Pro Jigs will continue to be manufactured by 5D Tactical, all sales must now be conducted through our independent dealers to comply with the new regulation. We are no longer permitted to sell jigs or distribute manuals via our website under these new ATF rules.

Legal Challenges: We are actively challenging this government overreach in court. We are optimistic about a favorable ruling from the Supreme Court in 2024, as both the District Court and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals have ruled decisively in our favor.

Availability through Dealers: In the meantime, our jigs are still available through our dealers, despite our inability to sell them directly.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support during these changes.

This Premium Router Jig Pro comes with an aluminum router plate! The standard Pro Jigs come with a glass-filled nylon router plate.

The Multiplatform Router Jig Pro allows you to finish AR15, AR9, AR45 and AR10 lowers of all shapes and profiles. Our jigs are guaranteed to be universal with billet, forged and polymer 80% lowers! As one of the most durable jigs in the market, we now offer our Premium Router Jig Pro which features an all aluminum router plate. With our premium option, the jig will live in your workshop as your reliable option.

The jig does not include the necessary tooling to mill out a lower. Our 5D Tac Router and 5D Pro Tool Kit will equip you with the ability to create a CNC like finish for your 80% lower receivers!


  • Fast and Easy - The Router Jig Pro is the fastest and most universal 80% lower jig on the market
  • Simple 3 Step Process - Each milling step and depth gauge is etched and predetermined for milling the trigger pocket
  • Durable - Ultra-hardened, heat treated steel wear surfaces ensures reliable drill holes for each lower
  • All Aluminum Router Guide System - Revolutionary Router Adapter design is used to trace out the fire control group with no guesswork, now made in an all aluminum construction
  • True Universal 80% Lower Compatibility - Guaranteed compatibility with ANY AR15, AR9, AR45, or .308/AR10 on the market.
  • No-Touch Side Plates - Innovative no-touch design allows for universal fitment while the 1.5” thickness ensures perfect trigger/safety holes
  • Less Drilling - Only 1 pilot hole is needed before milling!
  • Integrated Vacuum Attachment - The Buffer adapter mounting point also acts as a 1.25” vacuum hose attachment
  • Super Quick Assembly - 14 Phillip screws separate you from aluminum parts to a complete jig!

Please email, live chat with us, or call (508) 834-4223 for any questions about our products. 5D Tactical takes pride in exemplary customer service and educational information. Quick response times and helpful support is our gold standard.


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