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Router Jig PRO Tool Kit with SLICKCoat™

ReadyMill Size
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Complete Tactical Tool Kit now comes with a SLICKCoat™ that makes your milling process even smoother. This is a complete router tool kit needed for finishing an 80% lower receiver with our Router Jig PRO. Our Patent Pending ReadyMILL™ is packaged with the drill bits necessary for finishing an 80% lower at home. 

This Router Drill Bit Kit Includes:

    • (1) ReadyMILL SLICKCoat™ (Choose size below based on your router model)
    • (1) 3/8" Black and Gold High Speed Steel Drill Bit
    • (1) 21/64" Black and Gold High Speed Drill Bit
    • (1) 5/32" Black and Gold High Speed Drill Bit

Our Patent Pending ReadyMILL™ is the first and only Router-Ready End Mill, which threads directly to your router, eliminating the need for the collet.

You must purchase the correct ReadyMILL™ for your router. Your router's model number can be found on the label. Generally, most routers using the size D will require the full-size router plated located here to work.

Router Tool Kit Chart


If you have a router not listed, you can reference the below sizing and thread pitch, and see which would match up with your router's spindle. It can be tricky to get these measurements, and for more information on collecting the info here.



Spindle Diameter

Tool Size

Thread & Pitch

0.55” / 13.9 mm


M14 x 1

0.59” / 15 mm


M15 x 1

0.66” / 16.8 mm


M17 x 1

0.78” / 19.9 mm


M20 x 1


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