Product Code: SD-AR15PS

SMITH DEFENSE - AR-15 Takedown and Pivot Pin Set

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The Smith Defense AR Takedown and Pivot Pin Set provide a simple upgrade for joining AR-pattern uppers and lowers and have been designed with user convenience in mind while subtly adding to a custom look. 


The set includes a takedown and pivot pin that are precision machined on CNC lathes from round stock steel bars that are then hardened and finished with black nitride. You will also receive a mil-spec detent and spring for each pin for a complete drop-in replacement package.


The pins elegantly incorporate the following standout features and improvements: 


  • Low profile heads that are never in the way of your safety selector or PDW stock

  • Slightly extended tips to noticeably aid in pushing out the pin

  • Fluted and textured heads to enhance grip and facilitate manipulation of the pin

  • Refined surface finish along the body of the pin allow the pins to slide effortlessly smooth

  • Crafted with high precision to ensure a secure fit, minimizing unwanted movement and keeping your AR's accuracy up and on target

  • Pivot Pins have a through cut slot/shelf to aid in an easy stress-free installation

  • AR-15 pivot pin has a 15* tapered crown for extra mechanical advantage when extracting the pin even when the entire weight of the upper is acting upon it