Product Code: SD-P80-EPS

SMITH DEFENSE - P80™ Enhanced Pin set

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Level up your build both functionally and aesthetically with the Smith Defense P80™ Compatible Enhanced Pin Set that was meticulously designed with the DIY frame builder in mind. 

-First, the ends of each pin have a pronounced chamfer to aid in aligning them with not just the typical trigger parts, but the additional rails found in an 80% frame as well.

-Furthermore, rather than just a shallow angled dimple on each end, we set our pins apart by taking the time to completely drill a counterbore that tightly encapsulates a 1/16” punch to practically eliminate the chance/possibility of one slipping off and scratching/marring your frame or fingers. The geometry also allows for easier and more efficient installation, disassembly, and reassembly by ensuring force is applied inline with the center of the pin during the initial build or routine maintenance. With that said, there is still a sizeable flat on the face of the pins so that larger punches can be used without risk of rounding over the chamfered edge of the pin when flushing up the pin with the frame. 

-Finally, after being precision machined to precise tolerances on a CNC lathe from high quality stainless steel, each and every pin is surface treated for wear and corrosion resistance to maximize service durability. 

-As an added bonus, our locking block pins are beefed up to better secure your front rail locking block module and grooved to keep the spring of your slide stop lever in place so that it’s consistently under the correct tension and won’t slip and slide around, preventing premature or failures to lock back. 

When you put in these pins, you push out mediocrity from your build!



  • Prevents Damage - designed to catch a punch or tool and protect your polymer frame 
  • Drops In - guaranteed fit as a direct replacement for existing or missing pins
  • Facilitates Maintenance - unique end geometry makes the pins easy to put in and take out
  • Lasts Forever - made of stainless steel and backed by our lifetime warranty
  • Adds Pizzazz - offered in finishes to accent your build with personal style


-1x Trigger pin
-2x Rail pins
-1x Locking Block Pin