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GST-9 V1 vs. MOD1 — What's the Difference?

5D Tactical - 7th Apr 2023

What’s the difference between the GST-9 V1 and MOD1? 

It’s a fair question. At a glance you might not see much of a difference between the two versions but the GST-9 manufacturer boasts “small but subtle updates” in the newer MOD1 frame. Today, we’ll be going over all the nitty gritty details of the GST-9 frames.

GST-9 V1 FrameGST-9 V1 Frame

Photo Credit: 5D Tactical

The V1 frame, also known as the Legacy frame, has a ton of desirable features that many Glock owners end up doing to their own OEM gun through aftermarket gunsmithing services.

Gas Pedals

Although both models have stippling around the gas pedal areas of the frame, aggressive gas pedals that look like steps are the easiest way to identify the V1 frame as the MOD1 frame has smooth gas pedals. Having this small ledge to apply pressure really helps keep that muzzle flip down when shooting.

Mag Release Scallop

For those who love their speed reloads, the scalloped mag release helps shooters reach the magazine release button with more ease. A welcome ergonomic upgrade, to be sure.


Some might prefer double cuts but the single undercut beneath the trigger guard is already a big upgrade that aids the grip to be much more comfortable than awkward OEM Glocks. The GST-9 frames also have a high beavertail for a more 1911 style grip. If you fancy resting your support hand’s index finger on the trigger guard, there is some texture there to help with that too.

Speaking of the grip, the GST-9 V1 frame comes from the factory with stippling on the left, right and front sides of the frame. In terms of the modular grips, of which there are three you can use, stippling can be found on the backside of the compact and large grips.

With the modular options you can choose the small, large or brass grip to build out multiple Glock style profiles. There are only two pins that hold in the grips so it’s easy to change them out as needed. The brass grip is a heavy, competition style grip which can be purchased separately. 

Accessory Rail

Want to run a weapon light or a laser? You can do that with the picatinny accessory rail. Within the rails there is also a section for you to serialize it if you so choose. We've also found this rail to have a tighter fit with weapon lights (in our case we used the Surefire X300) compared to the MOD1's accessory rail. 


5D Tactical will only be stocking black GST-9 V1 frames.

Why buy the V1?

With the new MOD1 out, why should someone buy the older V1 frame? Some builders prefer the more aggressive gas pedals and some also prefer the stippling on the V1 frame over the MOD1 frame. To each their own. Regardless, the V1 can be completed using the original polymer jig and the new GST-9 Infinity Jig. So you really can’t go wrong with either one.

GST-9 MOD1 FrameGST-9 MOD1 Frame

Photo Credit: 5D Tactical

Visually speaking, those upgrades may be hard to tell. Not to worry that’s what we’re here to identify for you. All features of the V1 frame above can be found in the MOD1 frame. Below, you’ll find what the MOD1 frame has and what the V1 does not.

Smooth Gas Pedals

There were some customers and reviewers that complained about how aggressive the stepped gas pedals were so the new ones are a bit more tame. Some people like the aggressive steps and some people prefer the MOD1 which has no steps - without that material there, the new gas pedals allow for more real estate to be taken advantage of.

Frame Stippling

Previously, the V1 frame had stippling on the grip directly beneath the trigger guard. This stippling was removed and some textured ribs took its place. Although the dimensions of the frame itself did not change at all, users claim that the MOD1 feels like a thinner, slightly less bulky grip.

Rail Design Update

Instead of using a U-shaped design for the rear rail, the MOD1 utilizes a split rail design.


The MOD1 has large and small grip modules as well but it also has a billet aluminum grip which feels great in the hand with its slight palm swell. The billet grip looks bigger than it actually is, but a standard sized 15 round magazine fits flush with it. Large MOD1 grips also have a bit of stippling on the sides of them for additional grip which aids the supporting hand.


MOD1 frames come in black, flat dark earth, and olive drab green.

How is 5D Tactical able to carry the GST-9’s?

Starting April 2023, 5D Tactical will be the exclusive retailer of the GST-9 V1 frame. These products are allocated from 80 Percent Arms.

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