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Why Our ATF Rule Directory?

As the battle against ATF Rule 2021-05F rages on in court, we here at 5D continue to decipher what much of this nefarious rule actually means to the end user of an 80 percent lower or other parts mentioned in this new rule.  It seems like the ruling is intentionally left vague - a common tactic with the gun grabbers so that they can come back later on to utilize the ambiguous language and further erode our 2A rights.  So what does this ruling mean for the 80 lowers?

From what we know thus far, the intention behind the ATF Rule 2021R-05F was to redefine an incomplete 80 percent receiver, such as those you’d find in an AR15 build kit, as a firearm.  

However, according to a letter to all Federal Firearms Licensees (full letter may be read here), “a partially complete AR-type receiver with no indexing or machining of any kind performed in the area of the fire control cavity is not classified as a “frame or receiver” or “firearm” provided that it is not sold, distributed, or marketed with any associated templates, jigs, molds, equipment, tools, instructions, or guides, such as within a receiver parts kit. 27 CFR 478.12(c). ”

Which means that the 80 percent lower receiver cannot have any machining done for a fire control unit (FCU)... No space for the trigger, no holes drilled for pins, etc (that’s not any different from our understanding previous to the rule). 

Essentially, the only difference is now the ATF is regulating the 80 lower jigs and instruction manuals so if you sell those or in combination with an 80 lower, at that point it would then be considered a firearm (crazy right?).

These arbitrary reasons for why it is imperative to continue to support pro-gun advocating organizations such as the Firearms Policy Coalition that are on the frontlines fighting these freedom-hating politicians and government organizations like the ATF who are hell bent on restricting and removing our 2nd Amendment rights.

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