Complete Uppers

Complete Uppers

Complete Upper Receivers from 5D Tactical

5D Tactical is proud to offer a wide selection of assembled and complete barreled upper receivers for your custom AR-15 or .308/AR-10 build. We sell high-quality build parts and accessories to take out the hassle and guesswork. Our complete upper receivers are assembled in-house and fully inspected for quality control. The head space is checked among other standard QC practices to ensure your completed rifle is ready for action.

Wide Array of Styles and Barrel Types

We offer a big selection of AR complete uppers so that your custom build can be as precise as your aim. Choose from a wide array of AR-308 complete upper receiver styles and barrel types, including parkerized SOCOM barreled uppers, stainless M4 Contour barreled uppers, and our complete 10.5”, 16”, and 18” AR-15 and AR-308 build kits to finish your project at home.

High Quality for Durable Hardware

We build each of our complete upper receivers with high-quality materials, tight design tolerances, and best-practice manufacturing processes to ensure an accurate and durable piece of hardware for you. Each barrel is thoroughly inspected and cleaned prior to assembly, with barrel nuts torqued to proper specifications per rifle-build Mil-Spec standards and practices, ready to bolt to your lower and get you shooting at the range.

Choosing a Bolt Carrier Group
As a part of some of our complete upper kits, we give you the option to add a bolt carrier group with the purchase of a complete upper (although you can purchase it without one and add your own in later).

Today, bolt carrier groups are made with a wide range of finishes that improve corrosion resistance as well as permanent dry lubricity, minimizing wear and tear on the bolt and upper receiver and requiring less liquid lubricant. Some popular BCG finishes are:

- Black nitride: Black nitride, sometimes simply referred to as nitride, is a nitrogen-heat treatment that leaves the surface of the bolt carrier group extremely hard, slick, and corrosion-resistant. Black nitride BCGs are highly durable, relatively easy to clean, and exhibit decent permanent dry lubricity, requiring less liquid lubricant.

- Phosphate: Phosphate-coated BCGs are considered mil-spec and are common and relatively affordable. However, they have a somewhat rougher finish that is more difficult to clean and requires more liquid lubrication than some more modern coatings.

- Titanium nitride (TiNi): TiNi is a hard ceramic treatment that also has excellent dry lubricity and corrosion resistance but is fairly expensive.

- Nickel boron: Nickel boron is an expensive modern BCG treatment that produces hard, highly corrosion-resistant bolt carrier groups with excellent permanent dry lubricity. They can, however, be pretty costly.

- Hard Chrome: The original and most popular of BCGs. Hard chrome BCGs are tough and easy to clean, but expensive.

There are other types of BCG coatings and treatments. For more information or for recommendations for pairing with your complete upper assemblies, please call us at 508.834.4223

“Complete” the Complete Upper Receiver
Complete upper receivers, such as AR-15 complete uppers, are not federally considered firearms and do not need to be shipped through an FFL. You’ll need other parts to complete the build as a result. While complete upper kits may come with a barrel, handguard, buffer tube, stock, BCG, charging handle, and muzzle device, you’ll still need a complete lower parts kit (as well as an 80% lower jig kit and tools if you’re going to complete the build from a receiver blank) in order to finish the project.

You can also choose a complete 80% build kit to tackle your project if you need a convenient, all-in-one solution.

5D Has the Complete AR Upper Receivers You’re Looking For

Whether you’re looking for a complete build like our Complete 18" AR-308 80% Build Kit or just a complete upper like our 16" .223/5.56 AR-15 Upper Receiver with Parkerized Barrel we have combined tradition, innovative technology, and years of expertise to provide you with the complete upper receivers you’re looking for to outfit your AR-15 or AR-308 rifle.

To learn more about our wide range of complete uppers, contact us today at 508.834.4223.

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