Upper Receivers from 5D Tactical

When you build your own AR-style carbine, you’ll require two major components: the upper receiver and the lower receiver. Essentially all of the parts that form an AR-15 belong to one of these two sections.

What are Upper Receivers?

The upper receiver of an AR-style rifle is the name given to the group of components that comprise the top portion of an AR-15 or AR-308. At 5D Tactical, we offer a diverse catalog of both complete and stripped uppers.

Complete Upper Receivers vs. Stripped Upper Receivers

Our assembled upper receiver kits come with just about everything you need to pair with a lower parts kit. The AR-15 complete upper receivers for sale at 5D Tactical are available in many calibers and lengths, and with options such as barrel finish and handguard type.

Ranging from 10.5″ AR-15 Pistol Uppers to 18″ .308 Uppers, we have the ideal components for building the perfect AR for you. Just use the filter menu to narrow your search!

AR-15 Stripped Upper Receiver

Meanwhile, our stripped uppers offer you more customizability when building your rifle. They don’t include a barrel, bolt carrier group, or forward assist, but they can accept mil-spec AR15 parts, including ejection port doors and forward assists.

Our stripped AR-15 upper receivers are also available in a Forged Upper / 80% Lower Matched Set. These matched AR15 upper receiver kits include both the upper and a matching 80% lower receiver, making them a fantastic way to start your build off on the right foot.

Best of all, AR-15 stripped upper receivers from 5D Tactical are easy to customize with a bolt carrier group, muzzle device, charging handle, stock, and buffer tube kit. In addition to 5.56 NATO AR-15 complete upper assemblies, we also carry .300 Blackout uppers, 7.62x51mm NATO uppers, and .308 uppers.

Are Upper Receivers Legal?

Yes. While finished lower receivers are serialized and regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), upper receivers and 80% lowers are not considered firearms.

However, as always, it’s vital that you consult the laws of your state and local area.

How Much is an AR Upper Receiver?

The price of an AR-15 upper receiver can vary depending on several factors, such as whether you want a stripped or complete upper, and how much you customize your order. However, it’s safe to say that it’s significantly less costly than purchasing an AR-15 outright.

Lock-In a 5.56 Complete Upper Receiver from 5D Tactical

At 5D Tactical, we carry a wide range of upper receivers for sale, and in a variety of different configurations to meet the requirements for your build. Choose between stainless and parkerized finishes, M-LOK rails, classic carbine handguards, and more!

Multiple handguard styles and lengths are also available to customize the look and performance of your AR build. Furthermore, we visually inspect and clean every barrel (prior to assembling), torque all nuts to the proper specifications, and inspect every receiver for quality control prior to shipping.

At 5D Tactical, we have a passion for at-home, DIY gun building, so we enjoy every story we hear from our customers. To talk more about the options you have in AR-15 upper receivers, reach out to our team today.

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