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Router Jig PRO ReadyMILL

5D Tactical ReadyMILL End Mill and Tool Holder

Our Patent Pending ReadyMILL™ is the strongest and most rigid 80% lower jig tool available for router-based milling, period. This advanced technology utilizes the latest in CNC manufacturing, through the use of a thermal fit tool holder which threads directly to the router. Threading directly to the router eliminates the possibility of the end mill pulling out from the collet while milling, a common fail point that exists with all other jigs.

The router mill tool holder portion of the 80% lower jig tool is super-heated to accept our custom 5/16" diameter end mill, which has been optimized in every facet for 80% lower milling. The end mill being thermal fit into the tool holder means it will never slip out during use. However, the end mill tool portion of the ReadyMILL is replaceable by the end user at a much reduced cost to previous end mill designs.

The length of the end mill portion of the ReadyMILL™ by 5D Tactical has been reduced to only 1.5 inches! This is less than half the length of any other end mill bits available for router based 80% lower milling. All of this adds up to a strong and super-rigid milling tool that virtually eliminates tool chatter and produces mirror-like finished results in less time than ever before.

The 5D Tactical Router Jig PRO requires the use of our ReadyMILL™. This tool is custom designed and manufactured for the 5D Tactical Router Jig PRO, and is not available for sale elsewhere by any tooling supplier or manufacturer. The ReadyMILL™ is for use with the Router Jig PRO only, NOT the Original Router Jig.

Use the guide below to determine the correct ReadyMILL™ size for your router.
Price: $44.99

Product Code:

Choose ReadyMILL Size


Sizing Guide:

Bosch PR10E
Bosch PR20EV
DeWalt DWE6000
Porter Cable 6430
Porter Cable 6435
Rigid R24012

Craftsman 28212
DeWalt DWP611*
Porter Cable 450

Makita RT0701C**

D (Requires Full-Size Router Plate - Buy Here)
Bosch 1617EV - Compatibility may vary due to manufacturing specs
Bosch 1617EVS -
Compatibility may vary due to manufacturing specs
Craftsman 2767
Craftsman 27683
Craftsman 50429
DeWalt DW616
DeWalt DW618
Hitachi M12VC

* #1 Recommended Router
** #2 Recommended Router

If you have a router not listed, you can reference the below sizing and thread pitch, and see which would match up with your routers spindle. It can be tricky to get these measurements, and for more information on collecting the info, you can visit:


Spindle Diameter

Tool Size

Thread & Pitch

0.55” / 13.9 mm


M14 x 1

0.59” / 15 mm


M15 x 1

0.66” / 16.8 mm


M17 x 1

0.78” / 19.9 mm


M20 x 1