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AR-308 Lower Parts Kit

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Looking for a .308 lower parts kit to help you build a custom AR-308 from the ground up? Get the AR 308 Lower Parts Kit from 5D Tactical. With Mil-spec dimensions and high-grade coating, you are assured of a high-quality and correct component interface. Our AR-308 Lower Parts Kit comes complete with an A2-style pistol grip and is 100% made in the USA.

Complete AR-308 Lower Parts Kit for AR-308 Builds

When you want to turn a stripped AR-308 lower receiver into a fully-functional lower for assembly to the .308 upper receiver, count on our .308 lower parts kit for all the internal parts you need to complete the custom build. The kit parts are designed to work together and will require minimal fitting on your part.

Order Perfect AR-308 Build Parts

At 5D Tactical, we aim to bring you only the highest-quality AR-308 80% lower parts and accessories for your custom build. Our .308 lower parts kit is designed to eliminate the hassle of scrounging up the parts you need for your lower receiver build one by one. Single manufacturer source kits mean easier, faster and more accurate AR-308 80% lower builds.

Our AR-308 Lower Parts Kit Includes:

Mil-Spec Fire Control Group with Ground and Polished Sear Surfaces:

Trigger, Hammer, Disconnect, Trigger Roll Pin, Trigger Spring, Hammer Roll Pin, Hammer Spring, Disconnect Spring

AR-308 Pin Kit:
.308 Takedown Pin, .308 Pivot Pin, Takedown Pin Detent, Pivot Pin Detent, Takedown Detent Spring, Pivot Pin Detent Spring

Mil-Spec A2 Style Pistol Grip:
A2 Style Pistol Grip, Pistol Grip Lock Washer, Hex Pistol Grip Screw

AR-308 Bolt Catch:
.308 Bolt Catch, Bolt Catch Plunger, .308 Bolt Catch Screw, Bolt Catch Spring

Mil-Spec Magazine Catch:
Magazine Catch, Magazine Catch Button, Magazine Catch Spring

Mil-Spec Buffer Retainer Kit:
Buffer Retainer, B
uffer Retainer Spring

Mil-Spec Selector Kit:
Safety Selector Detent Spring, Safety Selector, Safety Selector Detent