Product Code: 22000-EM-ZRN

ReadyMILL Replacement SLICKCoat™ End Mill

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Our ReadyMILL replacement Slick Coat end mill is custom designed and manufactured in the USA. This endmill is designed to last longer and perform better than any other endmill on the market!

The premium replacement Readymill Endmill features our SLICKCoat™ coating on the end mill. SLICKCoat™ is a Zirconium-based coating specifically formulated to give you a perfect finish while offering longivity and superior lubricity when milling aluminum. SLICKCoat™ coated tools can be expected to cut smoother, last longer, and cut faster than standard uncoated tungsten carbide bits.

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ReadyMILL Replacement End Mill. Note: This is for use with the Router Jig PRO ReadyMILL only.

Replacing the 5D Tactical End Mill in your ReadyMILL™ requires a torch. Please reference the video on this page for a tutorial.

-Solid Carbide End Mill
-Made in the USA
-Custom designed and manufactured for optimal performance with your 5D Tactical Router Jig PRO

The ReadyMILL™ Replacement End Mill is for use with our Router Jig PRO ReadyMILL™, not the Original Router Jig.
The Complete ReadyMILL™ can be purchased here: Router Jig Pro ReadyMILL