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Smith Defense AR-15 Mil-Spec 6 Position Carbine Buffer Tube Kit

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AR-15 6-Position Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Kit

Smith Defense is proud to bring you a high-quality AR-15 6-position Mil-Spec buffer tube kit. It contains the necessary build parts needed to mount your buffer assembly onto your AR-15 lower receiver. When you want a perfect way to finish your custom build without breaking your budget, look no further than this high-quality AR buffer tube kit.

Excellent Fit and Reliable Function

Whether you want to upgrade an existing AR-15 to a Mil-Spec carbine buffer tube or build a new carbine rifle for target-shooting, hunting, or protection, the AR-15 carbine buffer tube kit from Smith Defense is perfectly machined to exact standards to provide reliable function and excellent fit for your build. With top-quality parts, the Mil-Spec buffer tube assembly is guaranteed to provide superior performance.

The AR-15 6 Position Mil-Spec buffer tube kit includes a Mil-Spec carbine buffer tube, buffer spring, 3oz Buffer, steel castle nut, and steel end plate. The machined and high-carbon castle nut is given a phosphate finish for durability and is also heat-treated to ensure extra strength. The buffer tube is machined from professional-grade aluminum to Mil-Spec dimensions.

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Need a nice fit for your fab defense buttstock? Want an AR-15 carbine buffer tube kit that comes clean and ready to use for your next AR-15 build? Order the Smith Defense AR-15 carbine buffer tube kit at 5D Tactical. The kit works well and fits perfectly, and comes with a great finish at a great price. If you’re looking for a proven and reliable buffer tube assembly for your AR-15 build, don’t hesitate to order the Smith Defense AR-15 Mil-Spec buffer tube kit at our online store.

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