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SMITH DEFENSE - Trigger Upgrade Kit

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The Smith Defense Trigger Upgrade Kit for your Glock-pattern handgun includes a trigger shoe with safety mounted on a trigger bar and comes with a complimentary Smith Defense "Fiver" Connector 

  • Trigger Shoe - CNC machined right here in the heart of Texas, USA and made out of high-grade aluminum billet then Type III hardcoat anodized to mil-spec standards, the trigger shoe employs a unique hybrid geometry that is a cross between a curved and flat face that gently curves to a flat tip, providing the shooter an index point to develop muscle memory but also allows leeway in terms of finger placement. The wide flat of the trigger face allows more even pressure to be applied across it for a more comfortable and straight rearward press

  • Trigger Safety - The all important trigger safety that prevents the gun from being unintentionally discharged is no longer an ergonomic afterthought and has been modified without compromising the integrity of its safety features. In fact the safety has been widened 3X its standard width for extra engagement against the frame and to eliminate a hotspot on the pad of the shooter’s trigger finger even after hundreds of rounds.

  • Trigger Bar - Smith Defense has raised the bar with this trigger bar. After being stamped from high-carbon steel, surfaces like the birdshead that interacts with the connector and the sear surface at the back tip of the cruciform that engages the striker have all been precision ground and polished so there are no tooling marks, making for a smooth consistent trigger pull and crisp clean break. 

This Trigger Upgrade Kit delivers an immediately perceptible and incredible difference to the feel and performance of your trigger.

Get a custom trigger job feel at a production price today!


  • GST-9 MOD1 and GST9 v1

  • Polymer80™ (P80): PF940v2, PF940C, PF940SC, PF940CL, Strike80

  • Glock™ (Gen 1-4): G17, G19, G26, G34, G17L. G22, G23, G27, G35, G24 


The Enhanced Trigger Assembly attaches to a trigger housing (via trigger spring) prior to installation. 


Smith Defense recommends that all triggers be installed by qualified gunsmith.


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