Product Code: FUL-ADJ-DRP-9-B-B

ZEV Fulcrum Complete Trigger Upgrade - 9mm - Black

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ZEV created the market for upgrade triggers OEM Glocks. Because the GST-9 MOD1 is Glock Gen 1-3 compatible, MOD1 owners get to take advantage of that too. With a wider trigger pad and safety, users get better engagement with this drop-in trigger that comes with improved functionality, ergonomics and a clean, crisp, creep-free trigger full.


NOTE: ZEV Technologies recommends this for competition use ONLY. The ZEV trigger bar is in the small frame trigger kits only (9mm/.40)


  • ZEV connector
  • ZEV trigger pad
  • ZEV trigger safety spring
  • ZEV trigger spring
  • ZEV 2lb striker spring
  • ZEV 3lb striker spring
  • ZEV firing pin safety spring
  • 16 adjustment wrenches
  • Ejector housing