80% Lowers - Blemished

80% Lowers - Blemished

As DIY home gun building grows in popularity, home gunsmiths are becoming increasingly resourceful. Many recognize that they can optimize their operations by maintaining a balanced budget.

After all, what good is investing in a home workshop, if you can’t afford to build the armory of your dreams? This is where blemished AR15 80-percent lowers come in handy.

These can empower you to get the most out of your resources, which means you’ll fill out your safe faster. Fortunately, at 5D Tactical, we offer a diverse catalog of premium, blemished 80% lower receivers so you can save money while building AR-15 rifles at home.

What Does “Blemished” 80 Lower Mean?

A blemished 80 percent lower is one that features minor, cosmetic imperfections that don’t interfere with the operation of the completed weapon. Similar to “factory second clothing,” the label communicates that the manufacturer, or retailer, doesn’t feel that the quality of the product meets their expectations.

Blemished AR-15 80% Lowers are Economical, Not Inferior

Because of their aesthetic imperfections, blemished 80 lower receivers are typically offered at discounted prices. This is advantageous for all parties, as the manufacturer and retailer can still recoup their investment, while the DIY gun builder can save money to allocate elsewhere.

However, many worry that the quality of their finished weapon may suffer if they opt for 80% lowers that are blemished. In fact, perhaps the opposite may be true.

Because there are no functional deficiencies, your completed firearm will operate as intended. Furthermore, because the cosmetic defects may imply field usage, your completed weapon may boast a rugged, survivor’s aesthetic.

Blemished 80 Lower Receivers for Sale

At 5D Tactical, we have several AR-15 blemished 80% lower receivers for sale. Even better, you know you’re getting our five-dimensional standard in quality, pricing, and service.

This 5-pack of blemished 80% lower receivers is a great way to get started on your journey into the world of DIY home gun-building. These receivers are made from high-quality aluminum and come ready to be milled out and completed.

If you’re building a larger arsenal, perhaps you’ll prefer 10-pack of blemished, forged 80-percent lowers. This saves you both time and money, since you’ll minimize re-ordering, shipping, and wait times.

Parts and Kits for Blemished Anodized 80% Lower Receivers

The receivers aren’t the only parts you’ll need to stay operational. Fortunately for amateur gunsmiths, we offer lower parts kits that include everything, from the fire control kit and pin kit to the pistol grip, buffer retainer kit, and still more!

80 Lower Blemished Receivers: Parts for AR-15s & AR-308s/AR-10s

Both our AR-15 MIL-SPEC Lower Parts Kit and AR-308 Lower Parts Kit feature:

  • Fire Control Group with Ground and Polished Sear Surfaces
  • AR-15 Pin Kit
  • A2 Style Pistol Grip
  • AR-15 Bolt Catch
  • Magazine Catch
  • Buffer Retainer Kit
  • Selector Kit

Additionally, the lower parts kit for the AR-15 includes a trigger guard and the trigger guard roll pin.

Conserve Resources with Blemished 80% Lowers from 5D Tactical

80 percent lower receivers, blemished or otherwise, are an excellent way to enter the DIY home gunsmithing hobby. To learn how to save money and time by opting for 80% lowers with blemishes, reach out to our team today.

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