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Full-Size Router Adapter for Original and PRO Jigs Full-Size Router Plate

Full-Size Router Plate for our Original and PRO Router Jigs.

Price: $29.99

80% Lower Receiver Jigs for the AR-308

At 5D Tactical, we know that custom AR builders count on innovative tools and proper fitment during fabrication to ensure an accurate finished rifle. That’s why we bring you the truly Universal lower AR-308 receiver jig that uses standardized dimensions to help locate and center the template. Unlike other AR-308 80% lower jigs that can lead to inconsistent results, our 80% Lower Receiver Jigs for the AR-308 are the most accurate and universal model on the market today.

Universal Compatibility

Our 80% lower receiver jig comes utilizes the front takedown feature on the lower to center the front of the lower, as well as a buffer tube mount that centers the rear. These features, in combination with no-touch side plates, result in a lower jig that’s compatible with any AR-308 or AR-10 complete lowers than can fit standard AR-308 uppers. What you get is a guaranteed universal fitment regardless of slight design variations or exterior dimensions.

Our industry-first no-touch side plates help prevent any accidental marring or damage to the side of the AR-308 80% lower during use, assembly or disassembly. We have heavy-duty universal AR-308 80% lower jigs and AR-308 80% lowers in stock.

Get the Freedom Kit

Do you need 80% lower receiver jigs for the AR-308 or AR-15 lower receivers? Order our complete Freedom Kit package and get everything you need. The kit includes:

  • Our complete AR-15 router jig
  • AR-15 to AR-308 jig conversion kits
  • Forged and Billet 80% lowers for AR-15 and AR-308 (Fire/safe engraved)
  • Our complete lower jig tool kit

Learn more about what’s included in our conversion kits here. At 5D Tactical, we aim to bring you the best 80% Lower Receiver Jigs for the AR-308 for faster, safer, and accurate machining.