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5D Tactical - Pistol Jig Pro - Multiplatform 80% Lower Jig

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For those passionate about 2A rights, the 5D Tactical Pistol Jig Pro is more than just a tool—it's a reflection of commitment and precision.

This reusable multiplatform pistol jig is designed for use with both 80% Arms and Polymer80™ frames. It's ideal for enthusiasts focused on creating several custom builds or those who want a precise drilling experience right from the start. Developed to meet the needs of the 80% community, this jig ensures a reliable drilling process for popular frames, ensuring that every build transitions from mere potential to a testament of quality and craftsmanship.

The Pistol Jig Pro streamlines the building process. With features like hardened steel drill insterts, clear jig markings, and a reliable drill guide, it's tailored to make your build process efficient and precise. Building on the strengths of our Router Jig Pro, the Pistol Jig Pro includes extended steel bushings for consistent drill holes.

Whether you're working on a Polymer80™ or an 80% Arms build, this jig is a reliable companion, reflecting the dedication and values of the 2A community. It's not just about building; it's about crafting with purpose.


  • Compatible with the following frames: 
    • PF940V2 (Full Size, G17)
    • PF940C (Compact, G19)
    • PF940SC (Subcompact, G26)
    • GST-9 V1
    • GST-9 MOD1
  • Slim, Compact Form Factor
  • Billet Aluminum Construction
  • Hardended Steel Drill Bushings
  • Engraved Jig Walls
  • Magazine Catch Inserts, Dowel Pins and Screws for easy assembly


For troubleshooting frame related issues, please reach out to the original frame manufacturer for support. Please note that we are unable to provide replacements for frames not purchased from 5D Tactical.

We proudly stand by our Pistol Jig Pro as being the premier solution for finishing 80% pistol frames. Along with all of the other products we produce, the jig is backed by our industry leading warranty and customer support.

Please email, live chat with us, or call (508) 834-4223 for any questions about our products. 5D Tactical provides exemplary customer service and educational information. Quick response times and helpful support are our gold standard.


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