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XL Rotary Cutting Tool

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Introducing the 5D Tactical XL Rotary Cutting Tool, designed from the ground up to deliver the best building experience. Its extra long length directly reaches the barrel seat compliance tab from the front of even full-size P80™ frames, allowing for simple, straight forward (literally) milling when completing your frame.

Designed by seasoned 80% frame builders looking to eliminate pain points for novice to veteran home-building enthusiasts alike, every detail that went into this product is meant to ensure high quality completion of your frame.

We have a history of leading the market with innovative world-class products and the new 5D XL Rotary Cutting Tool is no exception. With the Pistol Jig PRO and XL RCT, 5D is coming with our A-game to take on the pistol jig market.  


  • Extended 
    • With its extended length, knock out the barrel seat compliance tab of PF940SC’s to the PF940v2’s with no problem and plenty of reach to spare.
  • Solid Carbide 
    • Ground from solid carbide, typically used to deburr metal steel parts, polymer frames are no match. These workhorses will last a lifetime of use.
  • Double Cut Head
    • The sharp and durable teeth on these tools are crossed, optimizing it for cutting plastic in smaller fine bits for better control, less vibration, and smoother finish. 
  • Shank/Shaft
    • Perfectly fits most rotary tools that accept ⅛” or 3mm bits and will not bend at high speeds/RPM’s. 
  • Versatile
    • Use it in a rotary tool or in a drill. This addition will improve your toolbox no matter what. 
  • Effortless
    • So easy to use, just press down and let the optimized geometry do the work!

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