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Complete Glock Compatible Hybrid 9mm 80% Build Kit

Polymer80 Complete Build Kit - PF940CL Frame


The new PF940CL "Compact Longslide" frame by Polymer80 blends the best of both worlds when it comes to the age old question of choosing between G19 or G17. One one hand, the G19 is a tried and true pistol for home protection and is more preferred for concealed carry purposes. The G17, the larger of the two popular Glock options in 9mm being a great midsize pistol, but maybe not preferred when it comes to concealed carry. The PF940CL just solved all of that with the Hybrid frame size: G19 grip length, and a G17 slide length.

Finishing this 80% Compact Longslide frame with the included finishing jig and bits or a Dremel can be achieved in under an hour with low to medium difficulty!
With our 80% Glock complete kit and precision-engineered components, it's now easier than ever to build your Glock style 80% at home.

As 80% lowers and frames are NOT considered firearms, our 80 percent Glock Compatible Hybrid kit and frame can be shipped directly to your home, no FFL transfer required! Buy with confidence. Polymer80 provides a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects and boasts test frames withstanding up to 10,000 rounds. In fact, many enthusiasts reported 500 to 2500 rounds fired without a single issue!

Clarification for Glock legal department: Glock is a trademark of Glock Inc. Polymer80 lowers are not manufactured by Glock Inc. Glock does not manufacture 80% lowers at this time. To be clear, you can build a Glock style pistol with a Polymer80 80% lower, but it will not be a genuine Glock branded product. This build kit contains a mixture of high quality aftermarket Glock compatible parts, along with some OEM Glock components.

Our Complete 80 Percent Glock 9mm Parts Kit Includes:

Polymer80 80% Textured PF940CL Frame - Includes Jig and Necessary Bits, Rear Rail Module, Front Rail/Locking Block Module, and Slide Lock Spring

  • New Polymer80 Black Textured PF940CL 80% Frame

Complete G17 Compatible Assembled Slide - Fully assembled in-house at 5D Tactical

  • OE Style Slide with Tapered Nose
  • Melonite Finish
  • Heat Treated Stainless Steel
  • Front and Rear Serrations
  • Radiused Corner Profile
  • Front and Rear Sight Cuts
  • 9mm 416R Stainless Barrel
  • Slide Completion Glock Parts Kit
  • Factory GlockĀ® Sights

G17 Frame Parts Kit (aftermarket)

  • Trigger with Trigger Bar
  • Trigger Pin
  • Trigger Spring
  • Trigger Housing with Ejector
  • Trigger Housing Pin
  • Extended Slide Lock with Spring
  • Slide Stop
  • Slide Stop Spring
  • 5lb Connector
  • Extended Magazine Catch
  • Magazine Catch Spring

About the PF940CL 80% Glock Hybrid Frame: The PF940v2 frame features next generation ergonomics and features, molded from high-strength reinforced polymer. The PF940CL features a hybrid frame size, with a G19 compact grip length, with a longer G17 slide and barrel length.

  • Frame Color: Black Textured
  • Textured PF940CL 80% Frame, Complete Finishing Jig, Drill bits and End Mill Included
  • Compatible with 3-pin GlockĀ® 17 Frame Components
  • Stainless Steel Locking Block Rail System
  • Stainless Steel Drop-In Rear Rail Module
  • Hardened Rail System Pins for Locking Block and Rear Rails
  • Aggressive and Adaptable Laser Grip Texture
  • Picatinny/STANAG Compliant Accessory Rail
  • Blank Serialization Plate
Price: $689.97

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