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80 Percent Glock Compatible Parts

At 5D Tactical, we feature the essential 80 percent Glock parts that’ll allow you to build a G19 or G17 style 9mm. The process does not have to be difficult, we’re here to help you throughout the process and provide 80 percent Glock components needed to complete your build. We offer a selection of Polymer80 PF940C and PF940v2 frames in popular color choices, as well as complete aftermarket 80% Glock Build Kits and factory colored Glock parts kits. Glock is a trademark of Glock Inc. Many products for sale on this page are NOT manufactured by Glock Inc, rather they are aftermarket parts compatible with Glock pistols.

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GST-9 Pistol Frame

Price: $149.99
GST-9: Build Kit GST-9: Build Kit

The GST-9 Complete Pistol

Price: $799.99
GST-9 Jig: With Toolkit & Slide Rails GST-9 Jig: With Toolkit & Slide Rails

GST-9 Pistol Jig

Price: $29.99
Wraith RMR Cut Slide Wraith RMR Cut Slide - G19 Size

Wraith G19 size slide

Price: $399.99
GST9 Compact Grip GST-9: Compact Size Grip

GST-9 Compact Grip

Price: $19.99
GST-9: Full Size Grip GST-9: Full Size Grip

A full-size grip module for the GST-9 frame

Price: $19.99
G19 Gen 3 Complete Slide - Melonite Coating Glock 19 Complete Slide - Black - Stainless Barrel

G19 Complete Slide - Melonite Finish - Stainless Barrel

Price: $439.99
G17 Gen 3 Complete Slide - Melonite Coating Glock 17 Complete Slide - Black - Stainless Barrel

G17 Complete Slide - Melonite Finish - Stainless Barrel

Price: $439.99

Essential For Your Project

We make it easy for you to build a custom Glock pistol at home. With our comprehensive selection of parts and industry-leading attention to care, we’re confident that you can tackle any at-home 80% Glock build easily. Shop our selection of 80 percent Glock parts, including:

  • Glock Lower Parts kit (aftermarket)
  • Glock 19 Complete Upper (aftermarket)
  • Glock 19/23 Compatible Polymer80 PF940C Frames (available in Black and Flat Dark Earth, Gray and OD Green color options)
  • G19 Gen 3 Stripped Slide (aftermarket)
  • Complete Glock 19 80% Build Kit (aftermarket)

Our Complete Glock 19 80% Build Kit

This Complete Glock 19 80% Build Kit contains all the 80 percent Glock parts you need to build a G19 style 9mm at home, all in one convenient package, using a mixture of aftermarket and genuine Glock components. The G19 style frame includes a jig and the necessary bits as with the individually-sold Polymer80 frames. Multiple frame colors are available to choose from - Black, Flat Dark Earth, Gray or OD Green. The complete assembled upper is assembled in-house at 5D Tactical and features an OE style slide, a 9mm 416R stainless barrel, aftermarket Glock® Internal Parts Kit, factory Glock® Sights. Along with the assembled upper, this package comes with an aftermarket G19 Lower Parts Kit featuring vital trigger components, an extended slide lock with spring, a 5lb connector, and an extended magazine catch.

Guidance and Precision

At 5D Tactical, not only do we provide intuitive, easy-to-manage 80% lower kits; we’re on-hand to provide guidance for whatever project you’re working on. Be sure to watch our instructional videos or contact us if you’d like to learn more about at-home G19 builds or any of our 80 percent Glock components.